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2015 Baltic Studies Conference in Europe

Join us for the 11th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe “Traditions, Transitions, Transfers,” hosted by the Herder-Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz-Association in Marburg, Germany on September 6-10, 2015. More information is available on the conference website here.  

Benefits of AABS Membership

Since 1968 AABS has played a crucial role in furthering research into Baltic issues. JBS provides a specialised forum for publications, while regular conferences allow scholars to keep abreast of work in progress and strengthen ties with colleagues. Directly or indirectly, it has been the inspiration for parallel initiatives (Canada, Europe, Australia). My own contacts with AABS have been immensely beneficial — I sometimes wonder what I could have achieved without the support of this amazing organisation.

Trevor G. Fennell

Emeritus Professor, Flinders University, Australia

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